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All school districts permit automatic school election registration for those who have registered with the county Board of Elections.

District residents may also register to vote in school elections directly with the school district. It is worth noting that if a voter registers to vote in a school district, such registration does not automatically register the voter to vote in other elections at the local, state and national level.

Some districts use poll registration, which allows individuals to register at the polling site on the day of an election, while others use personal registration, which requires some form of advance registration.

There are two ways in which personal registration is accomplished in districts:

  1. In some districts, the school board has appointed a board of registration to effectuate registration. This is the default manner of conducting personal registration. The board of registration meets during the annual meeting where an election is held for the purpose of preparing a register for subsequent elections. In addition, the board of registration must meet on the day(s) fixed by the board of education, the last of which must be between five and 14 days before the election.

  2. In other districts, personal registration occurs through the office of the district clerk or business office by the district clerk, assistant district clerk, or a member of the board of registration. This method of registration must be specifically authorized by voters, who approve such registration “during certain specified hours of the school day.” Similar to the other method of personal registration, a voter cannot register any later than five days before an election. Where voters have authorized this method of registration, the board of education may excuse the board of registration from meeting prior to the election.


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